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This fantastic MP3 set is a must have if you want take your game to the next level. Texas Hold’em Wipeout Tactics comes in a set of four MP3 disks. Each disks contains in-depth interviews with four of the planet’s greatest young Texas Hold’em pro’s. In these interviews these pro’s reveal the highly effective psychological tactics, strategies and techniques they use to achieve massive wins. From this package, you will acquire expert knowledge of tackling the pressures of Texas Hold’em and dramatically maximize your winnings. This whole set is a total of 14 hours containing a thrilling exposure of the lethal tactics of these experts which you will discover and will guarantee you massive winnings when you apply these tactics.

Who are these experts?

Volume 1: Daniel Koeitzman

Volume 2: Josh Mammon

Volume 3: Phil Hardwidge

Volume 4: Marty Charach

It is specifically designed for you, whether you are experienced or a new Texas Hold’em player, this will increase your winnings and you can become part of an elite group of Texas Hold’em players. You will be able to develop a pro player’s killer mindset, be able to take the fastest, low-risk route to becoming an elite poker player.

You will learn:

1. How to arm yourself against the common mistake of Texas Hold’em

2. How to set “betting traps” for your opponents

3. How to develop an x-ray like ability to tell exactly which poker tables you should play at… and exactly which ones you should avoid like the plague!

4. How to “duplicate yourself” and your winnings FOUR TIMES OVER… every time you play online poker!

5. How to use a “secret tool” to remove the “luck factor” from a game of poker! (Not one in a thousand players use this tool – it’s not that it’s illegal – it’s just that the “elite” few who do use this “secret tool” don’t ever talk about it!).

6. How to “cancel out” Texas Hold`em bullies and force them to “fold cards” and “tuck tale”!

7. How to “get inside the head” of amateur poker players’… lure them into a false sense of confidence. If you’re an amateur player yourself – you NEED to know this critical bit of info to defend yourself against falling victim to the “card sharks” at your table!

8. Exactly when to “straddle bet” and exactly when not to “straddle bet” – the answer to this one will shock the hell out of you!

9. A little-known technique that ensures you win BIG money at Texas Hold`em… before the cards have even been dealt! (Most pros’ would sell their own souls for this “killer” secret!).

10. One simple physical act you MUST perform if you’re “on tilt” – this is perhaps the most important secret you will ever learn about protecting your bankroll playing Texas Hold`em!

11. How to protect your bankroll against “stealing blinds”! and “defending blinds”!

12. A scientific formula to calculate how much money you should take to the poker table! (Get this wrong and you’ll either only ever win pin money at poker…or… you’ll lose your shirt!).

13. Understand when to play “passive” and exactly when to play “aggressive” poker and bury 99% of players!

Just knowing these secrets puts even the most inexperienced players in a special class. This exciting MP3 set is exactly what you need to confidently trap your opponents and lull them into feeding you their money.

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14 hours of professional poker advise on all elements of the game, listen to these discs and you are sure to improve your game from home play to professional tournaments much better advise than what you find in standard books

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